chaptec  carries two types of solvents:

  • Toluene
  • Xylene

Toluene and Xylene

Highly refined, these solvents are filtered for purity and each lot is tested to ensure high uniform quality for all histological and cytological procedures. Their high solubility ensures dewaxing and complete purification.

These two solvents enable the miscibility of alcohol with paraffin and can be used in the clearing phase during the processing and the dewaxing of the slides and the mounting preparation.


Slightly hardens the tissues and is qualified as tolerant since the tissues can be left for up to 12 hours.


Has a tendency to make the tissues hard and brittle; it is recommended not to leave them for more than 3 hours in this solution.

All of our solvents are available in safe 4L and 20L plastic containers, specially designed to minimize the risk of evaporation. 20L containers are fitted with a faucet, which reduces the risk of spills and facilitates transfer operations.

Toluene histological
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
TLX80234 X 4L
TLX8023-B (anti-evaporation containers)4 X 4L (anti-evaporation containers)
Xylene histological
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
XYX97044 X 4L
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