Histological fixatives

chaptec  offers two ready-to-use histological fixatives, TISSUFIX® and 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin, as wells as formaldehyde 37% W/V and a cytological fixative, denatured ethyl alcohol 50%, in prefilled containers.

chaptec  ’s histological fixatives are formaldehyde-based solutions. Tissue fixation with formaldehyde ensures tissue preservation by stabilizing the cells as close as possible to the in vivo state. Proper fixation avoids autolysis and thus the progressive loss of cellular details.

Such a fixation makes it possible to prepare the tissues for the subsequent techniques and it facilitates the making of microscope slides. It causes the hardening of tissues allowing them to be handled without breaking them.

Formaldehyde is a toxic product that requires a high degree of caution when handling it. chaptec  packages its fixatives in leakproof, unbreakable and easy-to-use plastic containers, which reduces handling risks and spills and eliminates irritating odours.

Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
TUY40104 X 4L
T-20100 X 20 ml
T-204504 X 50 X 20 ml
T-50100 X 50 ml
T-60100 X 60 ml
T-12550 X 125 ml
T-25025 X 250 ml
T-50012 X 500 ml
T-100010 X 1000 ml
T-25004 X 2500 ml
T-50002 X 5000 ml
T-100001 X 10000 ml
10% Neutral Buffered Formalin
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
FGY64104 X 4L
FGY6410-10 10L
F-20100 X 20 ml
F-204504 X 50 X 20 ml
F-50100 X 50 ml
F-60100 X 60 ml
F-12550 X 125 ml
F-25025 X 250 ml
F-50012 X 500 ml
F-100010 X 1000 ml
F-25004 X 2500 ml
F-50002 X 5000 ml
F-100001 X 10000 ml
Formaldehyde solution 37% W/V
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
FG64054 X 4L
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