chaptec  offers a selection of alcohols designed for laboratories:

  • Denatured ethyl alcohol
  • Isopropanol 99%
  • Methanol

Denatured ethyl alcohol

chaptec  offers denatured ethyl alcohol available in anhydrous solution and 95% solution, as well as in 90%, 80%, 70% and 50% solution. The 50% solution is also available in prefilled fixative-alcohol containers.

It is mainly used in processing or staining devices to ensure a gradation of concentrations. It can also be used in microbiology, for Gram staining, in hematology, for the staining of slides, and in biochemistry for the preparation of certain reagents (anhydrous and 95%).

Isopropanol 99%

This alcohol is recommended for laboratories that require isopropyl alcohol. This product is used in various staining techniques and in the preparation of certain chemical reagents.


This product is designed for different staining techniques and the preparation of certain chemical reagents. In microbiology, it is used as a fixative before staining.

The denatured ethyl alcohol proposed by chaptec  is an ethyl alcohol supplemented with a small percentage of methanol and specifically selected to preserve all its properties for all common uses of ethanol in a laboratory setting. This composition also makes it possible to avoid regulatory control.

Its use does not require any changes to technical protocols. It is filtered to ensure purity and tested in our laboratories to maintain a high level of quality.

All of our alcohols are available in safe 4L and 20L plastic containers. 20L containers are fitted with a faucet, which reduces the risk of spills and facilitates transfer operations.

Denatured ethyl alcohol anhydrous
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
ABX54804 X 4L
Denatured ethyl alcohol 95%
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
ABX54954 X 4L
Denatured ethyl alcohol 90%
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
ABX54904 X 4L
Denatured ethyl alcohol 80%
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
ABX54884 X 4L
Denatured ethyl alcohol 70%
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
ABX54704 X 4L
Denatured ethyl alcohol 50%
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
ABX54504 X 4L
A-50100 X 35 ml
A50-4254 X 25 X 35 ml
Isopropanol 99%
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
IBX84804 X 4L
Methanol histological
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
MNX29034 X 4L
Methanol USP
Catalogue numberFormatDimensions / Images
MNX29004 X 4L
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